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Ben Bolyan, Machinist Builder, RHR
Blues Bill Dead Nuts Perfect!

A block is a block is a block right?

In the exclusive world of professional racing engine builders, a block is far from a building block.

Yes, you see they really do build engine blocks and it takes at least a full day or more.

What does that entail you ask?

Well here are some surprising facts about what may be in your car or truck. “Not all the holes are where they should be !”

First, there is a cursory inspection before its hot tanked then acid dipped and shot peened. (This removes all rust in the water jackets and on the outside of the block).

At this point, a more thorough inspection occurs. This is where the well educated and experienced eye can save time which equals money.

These block builders know just where to look depending on the block for cracks or other potential failure points.

Then they magnaflux the entire block starting in the area that their experience tells them is a likely candidate for issues.

It doesn’t matter the brand, they all need to be checked.

Big Bill ‘with the ‘Big Drill’

Deck heights in relation to the crank measured.

Line boring or line hone is to center the crank perfectly for reduced friction. Friction is a horsepower robbing event in your motor.

Believe it or not, the lifter bores need to be checked, sometimes they are off quite a bit.

There are many other procedures and tests being performed but, I think you can see a block is not a block and it requires precision workmanship for maximum power and performance.

“Time plus effort equals results” Rex Hutchison, 1968

Boring with torque plates
Notice the cracks between the felt pin marks- Not good. This block is a boat anchor.

Here’s an expensive aftermarket block with death nail issues.

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