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Rex Hutchison racing Engines specializes in setting-up and tuning your racing engine for specific tracks, and weather conditions. One of the few builders that can go to the track, tune, and dial your racer in for optimal performance.

Whether its supercharged, injected or naturally aspirated, gasoline, E-85, methanol, or nitro methane its just a phone call away.  Rex Hutchison Racing Engines currently builds exotic racing engines for NASCAR, Drag Boats, Drag Racing, Oval, LSR, Professional Sports Car Racing, Pro Mod, and Indy Car. Rex Hutchison Engines has over 60+ years of experience building racing engines and tuning every brand of manufacturer including all of the after market manufactures equipment.

Rex Hutchison Racing Engines builds exotic racing engines for many professional teams and now you can have all that experience at the track helping you. Now, get all you can, out of what you have. Don’t let a good engine under perform because of a bad tune.

You deserve the best, choose wisely who turns the screws, tuning the fuel system on your rocket.


“Winning is all that matters” Rex Hutchison, 1968