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RHR History


Drag Boat Hall of Fame Inductee, Rex Hutchison started hot rodding in the early forties always yearning to become one of the premier race engine builders in the world. After discovering his buddies were secreting the use of both of Rex’s flat heads and winning races they suggest he build full time. Working two and sometimes three jobs before he could realize his dream (and his neighbors request he buy a shop, lol.) he officially opened the shop fall of 1971. However RHR uses a pic of Rex in his hot rod he dropped one of his poppers in during the spring of 1950 as the actual official start of Rex building racing engines professionally.

Rex Hutchison Racing Engines is a professional Engine Machine Shop performing work to the highest racing standards. We specialize in Sprint Cars, Drag Racing, Drag Boat Racing, Stock Car Racing, High Performance, Pro Street, Rod, Custom, Vintage and Bonneville motors.

From Machine Work to Final Engine Assembly this facility has years of experience. Our machinists are absolutely quintessential to our real success.

Machinists from Rex Hutchison Racing Engines in Sacramento are sought after in all forms of racing.  Machinists like, “Mel Heidt was one of the first employees that Rex Hutchison hired when he opened the doors to the mother ship at 4526 Auburn blvd in Sacramento. He is a brilliant machinist and a long time friend of the Hutchison family. Mike Green will become the crew chief of the Don Schumacher Army sponsored top fuel dragster coveting a massive win percentage in top fuel drag racing among 27 wins. Terry Manzer will become crew chief of the WWE funny car team, his brother Tony will win the 2000 Indianapolis 500 with Juan Pablo narrowly missing wins in 3 more at the brick yard. Gary Armstrong of ARE, Armstrong Racing Enterprises will become preeminent in dry sumps working in many series of motorsports. Gary Wilson will head TRD in California making the Joe Gibbs team and the other Toyota Racing Development teams all winners. Just ask Carl Edwards. Derek Vaselenuick also worked for RHR and his father built engines for McLaren and the Alabama Gang, Donnie and Bobby Allison in the 70’s and 80’s. Dan Murphy was hired 30 years ago by Rex and will eventually become VP of Operations Worldwide for RHR, Bob Bunker the Folsom Flash will proceed to build the worlds fastest all steel 55 with his wife Dixie and crew chief world champion Gary Ormsby’s top fueler . As the Folsom Flash, Bob Bunker will retire with the highest wins to loss percentage in drag racing history.

There are machines and there are the men who run them. At Rex Hutchison Racing Engines they’re the cream. 

We pride ourselves that we have long term employees that are some of the best machinists in the racing industry.

Rex Hutchison Racing Engines has developed projects with some of the worlds foremost performance engineering companies.

These companies are involved at the highest levels of professional motorsports. Many years of collaborating with Industry leaders like Pete Jackson, internal engine components companies, lubricant companies, and others have yield the experience and testing required to win at the highest levels of profession motorsports. The facility has a rare combination of forging professional alliances and relationships worldwide for nearly 70 years. Coupling that with the vital use of knowledge gained from the diversity of engine programs, this facility has the in-house machining capabilities that makes this racing engine manufacturer, quite formidable

The many time Top Alcohol Drag Boat World Record Holder,and two time world champion, Glenn Hutchison, has built every conceivable engine there is. He’s considered a ‘Professor’ specializing in ‘Fuel Systems’. Even as a young boy Speedway Racing around the world, he always loved the heart of it all, like his father – ‘the Engine’.

“You’ll find this facility among the most diversified in the world. All our employees are either preeminent in their discipline, world record holders, and or champions. So all our machinists know what it takes to, Just Win.”

We have a lot of parts in stock and some hidden for decades, new in the box since this place opened! Items like- core Blocks, Crankshafts, Camshafts, Pistons, Rods, Flywheels, Oil Pans, etc. You never know- if you are looking for a number matching piece, we might have it!

Just give us a call.

Sandra Bloom, Communications