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SANDRA BLOOM 2RHR MOTORSPORTS- Sandra Bloom, Communications

Re-print- Matt Steele, Cincinnati Tribune, Motorsports Beat

SACRO TO L.A. It’s a road trip!

Road trip Dylan Hutchison style-

When we talk about a road trip your probably thinking, restaurants, partying and raising hell right?


I was in Irwindale meeting with several magazines about upcoming stories when I heard Dylan Hutchison was at the track where he and his father were supporting a driver named Jessica Bernelli. I thought I’d get a look at her, see this tough Hutchison kid again and even catch ‘Grandpa’, Drag Boat Legend, Hall of Famer Rex Hutchison himself.

Mike Naake of Naake Motorsports had gathered up the crew, loaded up the million dollar rig and headed for a road trip to Irwindale California.

Naake Motorsports was testing a driver Jessica Bernelli and Dylan was brought along as a coach and mechanic for her.

Man, this kid does it all.

It made perfect sense, Mike knew the Young Gun had been on the track and was fast. She was testing in the same car he drove to a monster finish bumping the Daytona 500 Champion out of the way in the K&N race at Roseville California. Mike wanted Dylan to drive the car to be sure it was where it was before moving the Daytona 500 Champion out of the way at the end of last year.

Dylan and Glenn Hutchison (Dad)

Dylan and his father, Glenn Hutchison were there in support of the Jessica Bernelli program. Dylan helped Jessica achieve her goal and then Mike asked Dylan to run a few laps and he laid down some stellar times.

It’s not so common for such a young driver to share this kind of information, but it was critical to Jessica’s program that he does that.

You see the Hutchison are a family of racers who are former World Record Holders and Hall of Famers. They understand it’s a team and nowhere in the team is an ‘I’.

So, even though Dylan wasn’t the center of attention at this test session, he made every effort to improve the team.

That’s what you get from a family of racers, people who can work as a team.

That’s what NASCAR fans love, the team works it takes to win.

…Just another day at the office for the young NASCAR tiger.
Driver, Company spokesman as seen here or working at grandpa’s machine shop
“This kid does it all.”

I’m sure we’ll see more of this hard-nosed racer at the upper levels of professional motorsports.

Matt Steele, Cincinnati Tribune, Motorsports Beat

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