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Thomas Lancaster, Senior writer RHR



It was a blistering hot County Fair day leading to a balmy night ending with a thunderous race.


Early in the day the Naake Klaurer Pick and Pull Chevies were prepped
and ready for qualifying in the NASCAR PCS 100 lapper in Roseville California. All three teams utilizing the Rex Hutchison NASCAR Racing Engines were Dyno’d and loaded with low-end torque.
This track is hard on motors so it was a particularly time-consuming build to get them right for all three teams.

The anticipation grew as it was announced that NASCAR driver David Gilliland was being helicoptered in from the Cup race at Sonoma.

As he landed he was engulfed with fans wanting his autograph and lots of people pop’n off selfies. It was right out of ‘Days of Thunder’. The big shot flown in, the youngster moved out of the way for him and of course, the NASCAR veteran was allocated the “A” car and team with Dylan assigned the chauffeuring duties for the “B” car. Although the 84 Wake Island, RaceCraft Products, Mike Kelly Construction Late Model wasn’t perfect Dylan felt it was very driveable

Qualifying was done via transponder and to the Naake Klaurer Pick and Pull Motorsports IMG_0743Teams surprise David Gilliland in Wake Island 88 Chevy only managed the 10th spot in the field, but worse yet was 19yr old Portuguese sensation, Dylan Hutchison never saw a clean lap and was relegated to nearly last place on the grid starting 16th.


Dad and Dylan review strategy

The young ‘Fireball’ had been here before and even worse, so he knew what he had to do. Patience was a must along with all his years of racing experience was going to be what would pull him through this challenge.

Talking with Dylan before they lit them up, he was calm, cool and very collected. Obviously not happy with the qualifying, to say the least, he was very serious with what lay ahead. The team mounted their hats on backward while whispers to order new fenders for the Rex Hutchison Racing Engines, RaceCraft Products, Mike Kelly Construction racer were circulating within the team.

As the cars were being rolled out to the starting grid the team was silent and with his father leaning in the racer a prayer was said, the belts were tightened and the crew sent him off.

The young NASCAR racer is to himself now an all were conscious of the difficulty of moving from the back of the pack to the front on this bull ring in Roseville California. Just ask NASCAR veteran and Daytona 500 Champion Michael Waltrip who ‘Fireball’ moved out of the way last year during the K&N West Race for a monster finish. It was at this time the two-way radios with the driver and crew were discovered inoperable with no time for repair. Dylan will not only have to start from the back of the field in the ‘B’ car but will not have the necessary spotters ubiquitous with NASCAR teams. Dylan will be entirely on his own for the next 100 laps.

The soliloquies out of the way the field formed up. As the green waved they were very tightly packed and already you could tell this was going to be one of those short track nights.

The field wasted no time and the racing was very hard-nosed right from the beginning. How hard-nosed you ask? Well, the big Cup star was unceremoniously dispatched by lap 12. The spinning NASCAR Cup veteran careened out of 4 sideways rippings through the in-field flinging dirt and clouds of dust everywhere while nearly collecting half of the entire field. When it cleared, David Gilliland was out and the powerful and vaunted Naake Klaurer Pick and Pull Motorsports, Wake Island 88 Chevy is broken and done for the night. The NASCAR Cup Driver will catch the next helo flight back to the race in Sonoma while his teammate Dylan has moved up 4 positions already.

On lap 16 there is another yellow for a local legend, Mike Philpott in the Philpott Garage number 50. This is IMG_0764going to be a long night for the Philpott Garage racer and a long week at the shop for repairs. Dylan has miraculously moved to 10th where the NASCAR Cup star, David Gilliland had started earlier.

By lap 19 the ‘Portuguese Fireball’ is putting on a masterful driving show ‘par excellence’ passing veterans on the high groove. Remember he has no communication with anyone; he’s flying nearly blind without his spotters.

It was at this time the youngster showed his savvy by driving high and wide like NASCAR Hall of Fame legend, ‘Handsome Harry Gant’. It’s now lap 34 and ‘Fireball’ is in 4th. He’s nearly passed the entire field.

It’s now lap 53 and Mr. Philpott is ‘U’ turned again. It’s after this yellow the drivers are becoming more impatient and are leaning very hard on one another.


Lap 55 the number 84 Naake Klaurer Pick and Pull Motorsports racer is caught in traffic and for the first time in the race Dylan gives up a couple of spots. It was later the team found out Dylan saw the heat gage moving up and his experience told him to get some ‘clean’ air on the radiator.

It has been a very aggressive race to this point, lap 78 will have teammate Danny Allen being punted along with nearly all the cars and drivers in beef with each other.

The grandstands are erupting with fights on every caution thrown now.

Man, this is short track race’s, forget about ‘Bowman’!

It’s now lapped 81 and ‘Fireball’ is starting in 4th with first and second in a massive all or nothing fight that’s just getting nastier each lap. Dylan could see what was going on between these two the whole race. He later told an interviewer that he knew they were going to crash so he and the 6 car just backed off waiting for what was about to happen.

It was lap 97 of 100 when the two leaders who had been banged ’n it out for the last 50 laps finally an inevitably had enough of one another. They crashed hard. OMG, the grandstands long past volatile, had cops scampering everywhere with arrests for disorderly conduct reported.

With the red flag out, Dylan decided he was not going to let the 6 car beat him on the restart and was ready to fight it out hard to the finish. You see Dylan knows you have to first finish to finish first and this kid knows when it’s time to go. You see his decision-making process and the kid is on the money when he makes his moves, he’s a pro.

Well, once all the debris was cleared and the fights finally broken up- for now, the officials decide to call the race and give the win to the 6 and second to Dylan in the 84 Naake Klauer, Pick and Pull, Wake Island, Rex Hutchison Racing Engines, RaceCraft Products, Mike Kelly construction Chevy.

It’s not over folks’

Dylan, with several of the leaders, are sent to a tech for inspection, the obligatory interviews and hat dance. As Dylan is waiting there are no officials’. Someone asked where are the tech inspectors? One of the crew members said. “I just left our pit stall and there are steaming, smoldering wrecked cars and fights in every corner of this facility.” Dylan’s car was the only car with no damage throughout the entire race.

It was a near pandemonium celebration that had hot chicks hanging all over this kid. From a nearly hopeless start to one of the most

exhilarating finishes the young NASCAR driver has had, the Dylan ‘Fireball’ Hutchison Story is just starting up. So get your motor run’n baby!

Thomas Lancaster, Senior writer RHR



DHR Motorsports- Veronica Facioni’, Communications

PCS Race at Stockton 99 Speedway.

The Naake Klauer Motorsports group loaded up the trucks and hauled 2 cars to the PCS Race with drivers Danny Allen Jr. and Dylan Hutchison in the #84 Mike Kelly Construction Chevy.

Arriving at the track it was a bright day with cool ambient temps that were going to make everyone a little happier with a touch more horsepower just because of that air density.

The teams rolled the Roseville rockets out and the crew chiefs fired them up.

Dylan was fast right out of the box. Dylan said, ‘the Mike Kelly Construction Chevy was working right off the trailer and that made my job a lot easier.”

Well, Dylan was right because he was second quick in practice with only a whisker keeping him from the #1 overall practice speeds. The order after the first practice was #1. Shmidt, #2 Hutchison, and 3rd Allen.

The second and third cars were both powered by Rex Hutchison Racing Engines power plants. The final of qualifying ended with the top three in the same order.

Dylan Hutchison in the #84 Mike Kelly Construction Chevy.


As Dylan loaded himself in the Naake Klauer Motorsports, Mike Kelly Construction Chevy he knew it was a very good field even though it was a local race there were stellar drivers with plenty of support and it was going to be anyone’s race.

It was an inverted start for the first 10. Although this will make it an interesting, now that great qualifying time will only yield Dylan a 9th starting position on the grid.

The young gun had been here in this situation many times and whether he’s moving a former Daytona 500 Champion Michael Waltrip out of the way or a local veteran and track champion, it makes no difference to him.

Once the flag dropped Dylan was in the top 5 by lap 14 and pacing himself while keeping the fenders on. Dylan managed to push the #84 Mike Kelly Construction Chevy to 3rd by lap 35 of the 75 laps featured the main event.

Dylan was riding on the haunches of a local legend with much history at this track, Mike Philpott who himself was in 2nd trailing the Shmidt car leading. Philpott is a champion and is not giving an inch at any time. You’ll have to snatch whatever you can take from this racer.

At ten laps to go the fans are on their feet knowing this is going to be a wild finish. Shmidt’s leading, Phillpott is 2nd Hutchison is 3rd and it’s on like ‘Donkey Kong’.

With 3 laps to go Dylan is forced to go the long way around the track to move past 2nd place, Philpott. Philpott being nobody’s fool makes the NASCAR young gun do just that, ‘Go the long way around’.

Dylan has the Hutchison Racing engine at maximum rpm’s and holds the pedal down just a little longer than Philpott. Philpott holds his line and the Young Gun starts to feel the car slipping. The Naake Klauer Motorsports, Mike Kelly Construction Chevy racer is now in the marbles and Dylan knows what’s coming next.

Dylan corrects the slide and taps the right rear into the retaining wall. While not lifting the right front taps a little harder bending his right front upper control arm.

As he pulls the car off the wall Dylan now has his teammate Danny Allen Jr. that sees Dylan hang his racer on the wall.

With a bit in the mouth, Danny Allen Jr. now wants 3rd and he can taste it. Danny rockets to Dylan’s rear bumper. Both racers are hard-nosed drivers and regardless of teammates or not, both are racing hard for the position.

Dylan knows he made his best move at the right time and although he will not win, he is a thinking man’s racer and made the attempt with 3 to go instead of 3 into the race.

Dylan will muscle the damaged car around and hold his hard-charging teammate Danny Allen Jr. off and keep his well earned 3rd place finish and winnings. Dylan would lament latter that if there was one more lap Danny would’ve passed him.

Later, Philpott told track official Rick Randone, ‘I used everything I had.”

Now that’s race’n boys

Overall, the Naake Klauer Motorsports, Mike Kelly Construction Chevy had a great day in particular Dylan.

Now it’s off to the next big race, so stay tuned for more here at RHR

DHR Motorsports- Veronica Facioni’, Communications



Vincent Sabatini, RHR Communications

Jimmy Sills and

Well you know it’s gonna be a good day when Jimmy ‘Three Time’ Sills calls you and say’s, “The kids on like a rock star.”

Yeah, that’s right.

Jimmy ‘Three Times’ Sills called Glenn Hutchison and told Glenn to bring Dylan down to the track and let’s throw him in a winged 360. (It pays to be one of the premier race engine builders in the country doesn’t it?)

Jimmy ‘Three Time’ Sills
Bending a Chassis

Dylan and Glenn sneaked out of the engine building and machine shop before Grandpa, Drag Boat Hall of Famer Rex Hutchison knew and blast to Marysville California to hang out with the legendary Jimmy Sills. This is the same Jimmy Sills that’s in the top 5 of laps ever lead in USAC. Jimmy thought Dylan could use some seat time in one of the highest horsepowers to weight ratios of any car including F-1. Jimmy Sills knows what it takes to be a winner and seat time is incalculable when measured in importance to driver development.

On that note, Young Gun Dylan Hutchison took the bit and ran! Well, I guess you should say he mashed the gas and flew or put the pedal to the metal…. Well, you get it.


Dylan demonstrated fantastic car control on the very dry-slick track that was as slippery as ice. Smooth is the key word here. The kid shows no fear to go fast. On his second session, the young gun threw the car into turn 1 very hard, perhaps a little too hard and exiting 2 Dylan rubbed the wall. Now that’s getting the most you can on a dry-slick track and then some.

We expect Dylan to run 360 Sprints and some 410’s as well this year. All this in an effort to continue to develop the young Portuguese sensation to the fullest of his remarkable abilities.

From bumping the former Daytona 500 Champion out of the way to racing some of the Dylan Waltrip 2most powerful open-wheel race cars in the world Dylan Hutchison’s career has no idle.

Keep an eye out for the NASCAR Young Gun, he may be coming to a track near you!

Vincent Sabatini, RHR Communications



SANDRA BLOOM 2RHR MOTORSPORTS- Sandra Bloom, Communications

Re-print- Matt Steele, Cincinnati Tribune, Motorsports Beat

SACRO TO L.A. It’s a road trip!

Road trip Dylan Hutchison style-

When we talk about a road trip your probably thinking, restaurants, partying and raising hell right?


I was in Irwindale meeting with several magazines about upcoming stories when I heard Dylan Hutchison was at the track where he and his father were supporting a driver named Jessica Bernelli. I thought I’d get a look at her, see this tough Hutchison kid again and even catch ‘Grandpa’, Drag Boat Legend, Hall of Famer Rex Hutchison himself.

Mike Naake of Naake Motorsports had gathered up the crew, loaded up the million dollar rig and headed for a road trip to Irwindale California.

Naake Motorsports was testing a driver Jessica Bernelli and Dylan was brought along as a coach and mechanic for her.

Man, this kid does it all.

It made perfect sense, Mike knew the Young Gun had been on the track and was fast. She was testing in the same car he drove to a monster finish bumping the Daytona 500 Champion out of the way in the K&N race at Roseville California. Mike wanted Dylan to drive the car to be sure it was where it was before moving the Daytona 500 Champion out of the way at the end of last year.


Dylan and Glenn Hutchison (Dad)

Dylan and his father, Glenn Hutchison were there in support of the Jessica Bernelli program. Dylan helped Jessica achieve her goal and then Mike asked Dylan to run a few laps and he laid down some stellar times.

It’s not so common for such a young driver to share this kind of information, but it was critical to Jessica’s program that he does that.

You see the Hutchison are a family of racers who are former World Record Holders and Hall of Famers. They understand it’s a team and nowhere in the team is an ‘I’.

So, even though Dylan wasn’t the center of attention at this test session, he made every effort to improve the team.

That’s what you get from a family of racers, people who can work as a team.

That’s what NASCAR fans love, the team works it takes to win.


…Just another day at the office for the young NASCAR tiger.
Driver, Company spokesman as seen here or working at grandpa’s machine shop
“This kid does it all.”

I’m sure we’ll see more of this hard-nosed racer at the upper levels of professional motorsports.

Matt Steele, Cincinnati Tribune, Motorsports Beat



RHR MOTORSPORTS- Sandra Bloom, Communications


RHR Has hired a nutritionist, Amy Kellog, and a former professional athlete to help maximize Dylan’s amazing physical advantage. Noted Trainer, Timothy Spaulding has Dylan working on his cardio through standard aerobic fitness training like hundreds of sit-ups, jump rope, distance running, and 40-yard dash sprinting.

Timothy Spaulding Dylan’s trainer, “The goal here is to try and move his rested heartbeat below 48 beats a minute. This will give him the ability to bring his energy to bear longer than most and that’s what we want in a 500-mile race. Stamina and the ability to turn it on when others cannot. It’s just that simple.”

The highly secretive part of his training also includes hyperbaric chambers, increased oxygen consumption for regenerating red blood cells and MMA style sparring.

All this is in an effort to continue to develop the young star all the way from the body to the mind.

There is seldom any downtime for the youngster as he still works at his grandfather’s race engine machine shop while attending a school or working at the race shop maintaining the race cars.

Sandra Bloom, RHR Communications


DHR Motorsports – VERONICA FACIONI– Veronica Facioni’, Communications


Well, it was a great race to the finish and Dylan Hutchison was in it and fighting to the end completing all 150 laps with the leaders.

Sacramento’s 18-year-old Dylan Hutchison would make an awesome qualifying run that put him 8th in the field. It was an incredible effort for the young gun because he’d never driven the car before and it was an equally impressive performance by the Naake-Klauer, Pick and Pull, Smile Office Supplies team.

Dylan was all set to go and very excited about starting next to NASCAR Cup veteran and Daytona 500 Champion, Michael Waltrip.

The young Portuguese sensation, raised in the Sacramento area, had decided early to make some circuits and see what opened up while keeping the fenders on for the first 20 laps. It was lapping 20-30 that Dylan knew he was faster than Waltrip and tried to overtake the former Daytona 500 winner. Dylan let Michael know he was faster by putting his Pick N Pull, Smile Office Supplies nose under the Waltrip’s Napa Filters rear bumper several times. He knew Michael was a very savvy and experienced driver because every time he would tap him in the rear, Waltrip was rock solid never losing control. He also understood that he could race the NASCAR veteran hard and it was going to be fun because Michael was able to handle the ‘rubb’n’.

When both approached lapped traffic, Dylan finally made his move blasting by the former Daytona 500 Champion cleanly as the crowd roared. On that lap, there was a yellow flag which meant Michael got his position back.

The crowd was on their feet anticipating some real heated action between both drivers on the restart and that’s what they got.

Dylan knew he and his car were better and wanted to dispatch Waltrip’s Napa Filters car Dylan Waltrip quickly before running the tires off. So both drivers raced very hard door to door for a few laps rubb’n until the young gun finally got by the tough NASCAR Cup veteran as the crowd went wild.

Dylan now had Waltrip’s teammate Patrick Staropoli driving the Peak Antifreeze car in the crosshairs and noticed a large gap between 5th and 6th. Dylan didn’t want to be held up so he nudged him out of the way with an easier bump than he did with the former Daytona Champion. Because of Staropoli’s inexperience, he had more trouble controlling the car than his teammate Michael Waltrip that Dylan had just passed earlier.

He started to close the gap when another caution flag came out. On the restart, they were packed in like sardines.

Michael Self driving the Ace Hardware, Incredible Solutions #21 car raced Dylan very hard around the lap 120 marks. Dylan finally went by when another caution was waved.

Dylan adjusted the car by adding some front brake which turned out to be a bit too much. The young NASCAR driver’s car was now braking tight and shoved the nose in the center of the corner losing forward bite. Because the Pick N Pull, Smile Office Supplies Chevrolet was now brake tight it caused him to give a position back to the 99 car, Patrick Staropoli with a couple of laps to go.

Staropoli and Dylan would race hard to the finish with Staropoli in the 99 car making it just by him at the flag.

All and all the race was a good one for Dylan and the Naake-Klauer, Pick N Pull, Smile Office Supplies Chevrolet finishing 7th. It was the first time in such a good car and he knew there was more he could’ve done if he had the opportunity in the car more often.

Dylan recorded the fastest lap of all the competitors on lap 40 while racing with NASCAR Cup veteran and Daytona 500 Champion, Michael Waltrip.

Dylan felt he’d used the car up a bit trying to pass the former Daytona Champion which he did twice because of a yellow flag restart.

Dylan had a great night and the home town fans were going crazy including the city where his Portuguese mother is from!

The Young NASCAR racer is preparing for a big effort next year hoping for a Cup ride.

We all wait in anticipation to see what will be in the cards for the young NASCAR racer next year.

“Special shout to the BMR Motorsports Team for the gracious hospitality, especially Bill. Thank you for organizing such an incredible event. It was a fantastic event with car shows, fireworks and lots of hard nose racing.”

Veronica Facioni’, Communications- DHR Motorsports


RHR MOTORSPORTS- Sandra Bloom, Communications

Re-print- Marty Jacobs, Ontario Post


NASCAR driver ‘Young Gun’ Dylan Hutchison, grandson of legendary engine builder and Drag Boat Racing Hall of Fame Member, Rex Hutchison and son of former World Record Holder, Champion Top Alcohol Drag Boat Ace, Glenn Hutchison.

The young NASCAR driver is the pride of Sacramento. Here, Dylan is seen wheeling his powerful race car through the ‘S’s “One tough kid who’s got skills”
Marty Jacobs, Ontario Post