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DHR Motorsports- Veronica Facioni’, Communications

PCS Race at Stockton 99 Speedway.

The Naake Klauer Motorsports group loaded up the trucks and hauled 2 cars to the PCS Race with drivers Danny Allen Jr. and Dylan Hutchison in the #84 Mike Kelly Construction Chevy.

Arriving at the track it was a bright day with cool ambient temps that were going to make everyone a little happier with a touch more horsepower just because of that air density.

The teams rolled the Roseville rockets out and the crew chiefs fired them up.

Dylan was fast right out of the box. Dylan said, ‘the Mike Kelly Construction Chevy was working right off the trailer and that made my job a lot easier.”

Well, Dylan was right because he was second quick in practice with only a whisker keeping him from the #1 overall practice speeds. The order after the first practice was #1. Shmidt, #2 Hutchison, and 3rd Allen.

The second and third cars were both powered by Rex Hutchison Racing Engines power plants. The final of qualifying ended with the top three in the same order.

Dylan Hutchison in the #84 Mike Kelly Construction Chevy.


As Dylan loaded himself in the Naake Klauer Motorsports, Mike Kelly Construction Chevy he knew it was a very good field even though it was a local race there were stellar drivers with plenty of support and it was going to be anyone’s race.

It was an inverted start for the first 10. Although this will make it an interesting, now that great qualifying time will only yield Dylan a 9th starting position on the grid.

The young gun had been here in this situation many times and whether he’s moving a former Daytona 500 Champion Michael Waltrip out of the way or a local veteran and track champion, it makes no difference to him.

Once the flag dropped Dylan was in the top 5 by lap 14 and pacing himself while keeping the fenders on. Dylan managed to push the #84 Mike Kelly Construction Chevy to 3rd by lap 35 of the 75 laps featured the main event.

Dylan was riding on the haunches of a local legend with much history at this track, Mike Philpott who himself was in 2nd trailing the Shmidt car leading. Philpott is a champion and is not giving an inch at any time. You’ll have to snatch whatever you can take from this racer.

At ten laps to go the fans are on their feet knowing this is going to be a wild finish. Shmidt’s leading, Phillpott is 2nd Hutchison is 3rd and it’s on like ‘Donkey Kong’.

With 3 laps to go Dylan is forced to go the long way around the track to move past 2nd place, Philpott. Philpott being nobody’s fool makes the NASCAR young gun do just that, ‘Go the long way around’.

Dylan has the Hutchison Racing engine at maximum rpm’s and holds the pedal down just a little longer than Philpott. Philpott holds his line and the Young Gun starts to feel the car slipping. The Naake Klauer Motorsports, Mike Kelly Construction Chevy racer is now in the marbles and Dylan knows what’s coming next.

Dylan corrects the slide and taps the right rear into the retaining wall. While not lifting the right front taps a little harder bending his right front upper control arm.

As he pulls the car off the wall Dylan now has his teammate Danny Allen Jr. that sees Dylan hang his racer on the wall.

With a bit in the mouth, Danny Allen Jr. now wants 3rd and he can taste it. Danny rockets to Dylan’s rear bumper. Both racers are hard-nosed drivers and regardless of teammates or not, both are racing hard for the position.

Dylan knows he made his best move at the right time and although he will not win, he is a thinking man’s racer and made the attempt with 3 to go instead of 3 into the race.

Dylan will muscle the damaged car around and hold his hard-charging teammate Danny Allen Jr. off and keep his well earned 3rd place finish and winnings. Dylan would lament latter that if there was one more lap Danny would’ve passed him.

Later, Philpott told track official Rick Randone, ‘I used everything I had.”

Now that’s race’n boys

Overall, the Naake Klauer Motorsports, Mike Kelly Construction Chevy had a great day in particular Dylan.

Now it’s off to the next big race, so stay tuned for more here at RHR

DHR Motorsports- Veronica Facioni’, Communications

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