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Dylan Hutchison was going to have a great night albeit a night he was only moderately happy about. You see Dylan is a life long winner. Since he was seven he was driving quarter midgets for his father Glenn Hutchison putting that little racer in the win column regularly.

Dylan now 24 has raced virtually every kind of car you can coming up the ranks. He’s always been a winner and his father has nurtured his career with a sense of fair play as well as reliable equipment.

So, its a no brainer he was in a quite potent racer in Stockton this night. However half the field were in Rex Hutchison Racing Engine’s bullets which makes a great race an a real drivers race since many were equal to his well prepared team.

Dylan qualified 3rd fast and set for the dash on this nice evening in Stockton California.

The fans actually got to pick the final line up for the dash which I thought quit novel for fan participation. At the fans request Dylan the young fireball was to start 3rd in the dash. It was a quick race with him finishing 3rd.

As the night progressed the car had many adjustments for a loose condition. Shocks, bars, ride height, front wing, main wing and more were massaged to plant the racer out of the corners. It will turn out to be a great amount of work for the crew but the results were there.

The young gun started the heat 2nd and finished 1st.

As the evening came upon Tony Noceti’s asphalt track the temperatures dropped to around 75 degrees and everyone’s engines were loving it, including the drivers.

Dylan would line up outside the front row for the main event and was happy to be there setting the pace.

As the drivers rolled to the green it was a picture perfect start. Dylan was running on the outside for the entire first lap and the excitement was palpable for the Hutchison Racing Team. Lap two crossing the finish had the two leaders side by side going into one but, coming out of two the inside sprinter wheeled into the side of Dylan causing an atrocious spin directly in front of the speeding pack.

The crowd gasp as the entire field scrambled to avoid the number 8 now siting in two tail first. How the pack made it by without smashing into the young gun’s Hutchison racer was a testimony to their driving and attention level.

Dylan was marshaled to the infield with the entire crew wondering if the racer could be hustled back on the track. Without radio contact the crew was perplexed by the situation and wondered if there was damage to the racer.

As the field collected a push truck was sent behind the Portuguese driving the number 8 racer and he was pushed off and slotted in the rear of the field.

The crew was wondering if there were problems with the car but, he was rolling and that was important.

Dylan was smart enough to check the car out for the next few laps to see what he had under him as the crew watched him circulating the Noceti bull ring.

The leader who was alongside the number 8 racer had set sail and was yard’n the entire field. Dylan was now in a damaged racer and only later would the crew find out about the amount of damage he was dealing with.

As Dylan dropped the hammer after feeling the racer out for a few laps, it was on like Donkey Kong. He drove high, he drove low, he spit racers, and put on a hellava show for the paying fans.

Dylan was passing cars while still leaving room for racing with the other competitors. It was a mad Portuguese with a bit in his mouth hauling the mail. The leader would encounter lapped traffic and was accorded little fight from his competitors which left him highball’n unfettered.

The crew and fans wanted a yellow but this 40 lap feature would have none. If Dylan was going to come from the back of the pack with a bent up racer he would really have to lay some laps down and he did. Dylan’s racer would shoot pass the field at the end of the straightaways like he was shot out of a cannon. He was flat foot’n and not lifting long after the other racers unloaded the throttle.

Around lap 30 he was in second but the leader had checked out and the lapped cars were far less cooperative with the speed daemon. Dylan was absolutely on the pipe driving that number 8 racer deep into the corners ride’n high.

As Dylan rotated he was gaining ground on the leader. With each successive lap he moved closer and closer.

The crowd was now standing watching the young gun blaze a path directly behind the leader with 3 laps to go.

As Dylan took the white flag coming all the way from dead last in less than thirty laps he was on the tail of the leader. You couldn’t put your hand between the leader and him.

The leader had been running high all night and going into three the leader changed lines and dove to the bottom for the first time. Dylan had committed to the low line as the leader wanted the high line all night. The leader was now on the bottom of the baking leaving only the flat for Dylan and the 8 car. Dylan took to the flat part of the track and he was alongside the leader in three. Coming out of four the leader came down on the apron. Dylan is a racer who loves to race and loves the competition. Hes been a professional racer from quarter midgets to NASCAR when he moved Waltrip out of the way for holding him up an few years back. However these are open wheel 410 sprint cars with 900+ horsepower only weighing a mere 1400 pounds. Dylan moved his car down even further as he was being pinched off. Now he had a choice, dump the leader for the win or turn the car around to keep from wadding several racers up. Dylan the consistent professional literally looped his number 8 racer with a turn around that was like a freaking ballerina stopping the car backwards in the exact spot he was pinched.

The crowd went wild and the Portuguese racer stepped out of the car as the fans all ran to the fence closest to him screaming his name.

The crew ran onto the track as the other races left the speedway. When they arrived they found one mad young man. You see Dylan is a pro and would not block, pinch, pin or bump his way to a win.

Dylan Hutchison has won over 100 races an a win isn’t worth wrecking in these open wheel racers that have killed many a men.

Although Dylan was really angry his composure was amazing. The fans loved the action and frankly, coming from the back of the pack in  less than 30 laps and being punched out 30 feet from the finish was absolutely amazing.

Dylan would be credited with a 6th which did not sit well with him.

As the crowd filtered to the pits Team Hutchison Racing, his sponsors Two Laces, Royal Purple, and No Fire Technology were surrounded by throngs of fans. So many fans in his pits they overflowed into other pits. Now it was time for the PR side of the business and many children posing with their hero. Dylan was in fact a hero to the fans and his crew. It was a hard days night for the young racer but he will have many more opportunities to taste champagne.

All of the crew were happy albeit shorted 2,000.00 dollars for the last incident and left with two bent up rims that caused him to race a car vibrating like crazy.

Congrats Young Man !





DHR Motorsports- Veronica Facioni’, Communications

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