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March 17th 2019


Sean Giroux sets a new World Record in Bakersfield California.

He set the world mark in the Blown Gas Flat blasting through the liquid quarter mile at 143.54mph in the Roy Cook, ‘Flat Cook’n’ flat bottom drag boat.

It was “One Hull Of A Pass” Giroux lamented.

Well it would be hard to say it wasn’t a great day when you set any world mark. But Sean, a 35 year veteran of drag boat racing has his sites set at moving that record already.

The superbly tuned 1410 HP engine was built by Rex Hutchison Racing Engines. Sean attributed his latest improvement to the Glenn Hutchison Fuel System. Glenn Hutchison is known for his many years of specializing in fuel systems and fuel systems design.

Sean is currently prepping the rocket flat bottom for more attempts at moving the world record and obtaining the ET world mark as well.

Rex Hutchison Racing Engines look forward with great anticipation to his pursuits of these world marks. Go get’m and good luck Sean!


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